Friday, 29 January 2016

Icelandic Adventure Day One

At the beginning of January 2016, I went to one of the most beautiful places I have seen so far.

Myself and B spent 3 nights in Iceland. We were based just outside of the capitol city of Reykjavik in Hotel Vellir. Which, side note, is not pronounced the way you just did it in your head, and got us into all sorts of awkward situations with the locals..

We left the house at 3am on the Monday morning, for our 07:45 flights from Luton Airport. We could only take carry on luggage with us, which was really tough! So I had my trusty 'Turkiye' bag packed up with the essentials, my hiking boots and winter coat on, and I was ready to go!

By the time we had landed at 11(ish) I had not slept in 24 hours. We got off the aeroplane and were greeted by lots of powdery snow. I usually hate snow, its slippery and wet and dangerous, Iceland's snow is not like that! It barely gets above freezing temperatures in the winter, so the snow never gets icy. I enjoyed how it looked, how it felt under foot, and actually quite liked it... for a while.

Snow doesn't bother Icelandic people, they are quite happy to drive like usual in it; their issue is the wind. The wind picks the settled snow up and drifts it over roads and pathways, making journeys treacherous, this meant that unfortunately our excursion that evening was cancelled. Don't fear, we got to it the next day, for the first day however we spent it in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital City.

Iceland fact: there's only approximately 300,000 people living in Iceland, and two thirds live in and around Reykajavik!

The only way I could describe walking through Reykjavik is by saying it was like a German Christmas market, with quirks, in the middle of New York, surrounded by Snow covered Mountains. The tourist industry is booming at the moment, and you can tell with all of the shops selling badges, key rings and Icelandic goods.

We had a lovely walk around and ended up back at our hotel for a 2 for 1 dinner. The food was lush, I had a club sandwich and B had a Bacon Burger. The quality and amount of food for what we paid, was exceptional.

Talking of payment, the currency was really hard to get our heads around. 1,000 ISK is similar to £5.00. but it ends up distorting your view of their currency. For example, we ended up paying 13,000 isk for a meal which in my mind didn't seem bad.... it's £70. Holy Moly!!

We were extremely tired by the end of day 1. I hadn't slept in 36 hours, and we had an early start the next day for our Golden Circle tour, so off we went to bed, with a fantastic view.

Keep an eye out for the next day of our adventure, which will be up soon!

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