Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Holiday: Week 1!

It's been quite a while since I have written anything on here..
To be quite honest I've had bloggers block. Though I'd love to write every detail of my life on here, most of it is boring; I work most of the time and when I'm not working, I'm usually sleeping or lounging.

However I've come to West Berkshire to house sit for my Mummykins while she's away on holiday with my Step-dad and Sister. It's convenient for them because I can make sure the epileptic cat is medicated, and fed, and convenient for me because I get some time in my home town with my family and some old friends.
ROAD TRIP! just approaching the A34 on the way to Mum's
It's been a lovely week so far, the boy came with me last minute and it was nice to spend time with him somewhere other than our little flat in Pompey! We spent most of our time shopping in the town centre and lounging in the garden. Knocking a football around with him in the garden was quite fun :)

mine and boyfie's romantic meal together :) (there was wine and candles!)
On the Tuesday I met up with my newly engaged friend T for a catch-up coffee. I think I'm more excited for her than she is... Wedding diarrhoea just kept spewing out of my mouth, 'how did he propose?' 'where are you going on your honeymoon?' 'when can I actually MEET him?!'. Conveniently her betrothed was visiting over the weekend so I was able to finally meet him and give my approval :D

After the Boyfie went home on Friday, I visited my Grandparents with my Dad. I don't often see any of them because I live so far away, and as my Sisters are getting older they're all off doing their own thing! (the oldest one turns 18 next summer and that scares the crap out of me, especially knowing what I was like when I was 18...!!) but I got to see all of them and had a good old catch up with them and my lovely Nanny and Granddad <3

Saturday came around and I spent the day with N, a right pain in the bum ;) I'm only joking - she's alright. We went and stocked up on food and face packs to have a good old fashioned sleepover! (sorry guys there were no pillow fights!) she brought her foot spa and we pedicured each other and ate and watched TV; it was brilliant, girly fun!

foot spa! ooo bubbly
this facemask melted off my face and into my mouth... it tasted good though, bonus!
having a friend who studied beauty has it's perks :)

After she had left on Sunday, I started preparing for what I consider to be more challenging than abseiling Spinnaker Tower! Cooking for 6 Welches (including a JC). It was a proper Sunday chicken roast with lots of veg and roastie potatoes! It was traumatising...!!!
I'm exaggerating, it wasn't that bad at all and I managed to cook enough food for everyone too! However, the highlight of my evening was popping over to the neighbours, after 2 young boys had been playing in the garden, and asking if they could return any UFOs that appeared over their fence...

ready and waiting! (I set a place too many because i'm not very good at counting..)

Off they go! I'm all lonely again :(
So I suppose it's so far so good...
Though I am on my 2nd dishwasher load after cooking so much food on Sunday, the house is tidy, nothing is broken and the cat is well fed!

Here's hoping I haven't spoken too soon!

I will update you on the rest of my holiday come the end of the week, here's a teaser:
Seeing Grown-Ups 2, visiting H, lunching with C and the parents arrive home!


aaaaand as always here's a beautiful picture.. This time it's an oldy uncovered at my Grandparent's house :D

Wasn't I the CUTEST?!
Thanks for reading!

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