Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My encounter..

Second post in 2 days! Aren't you a lucky reader? :D

I thought I would write about a wonderful charity that helped me put my guilty conscience to ease last night.

My story starts at 1.30am (as you do..). While getting ready to pop to bed, I realised I was yet to put the recycling bins out; so I popped my shoes on and went out the front.
After pulling the big green bin to the side of the road I headed back across the grass to fetch the other bins and tripped on something soft. I looked down to discover a spikey little mound that I recognised to be a Hedgehog.

Of course I felt terrible and was worried I had hurt it, a small thing like that colliding with a large human like myself must have been at least a shock, if not worse. He had curled into a ball, as they do, and I decided to wait and see if he'd get off on his way.

After a short time, he was still curled up, so I popped him into a deep box and brought him inside to keep an eye on him further. I left him for a short while longer with a water dish and still he was curled up. I saw he was breathing so I though at least that's one thing!

I follow Hedgehog Bottom on facebook, so I was aware that there was a rescue nearby. I gave them a call and was told to bring him in as quickly as possible so they could have a look at him. Cat basket in tow I started the trek at 2am!

On arrival I realised that this rescue was actually out of their home, which was a surprise! I thought to myself these people must be SUPER dedicated to keeping these adorable creatures safe and healthy.

The woman, I think her name is Gill, popped my spikey friend out of the cat box and it was plain to see he loved her straight away! This woman is the Hedgehog whisperer, he uncurled himself and was very tame with her. We found out he was a juvenile boy and when left to walk around the kitchen he did so. So hopefully he's not been seriously harmed!

He's a very timid character, seemed quite shy and wouldn't fetch the mealworm that was thrown to him, probably a little shocked from being trodden on! So they've kept him in a cage over night and have checked him this morning. All seems fine apparently, though he didn't eat much dinner over night. They are keeping him a little longer and if they're worried about him later will be taking him to the vet.

I feel so terrible that I've scared or hurt this cute little creature and I'm so lucky that there was a wonderful rescue nearby to help him and put my mind to rest. This registered charity does not receive funding from governing bodies or any larger charities, it relies on the good will of volunteers and donators to keep these Hoggies fed, clean and healthy. If you wish to check out their website, you can click here.

I urge you to please donate to this small charity, or perhaps check their Amazon wishlist to see if you can send them something; Hedgehogs are quite special little animals and need support from charities like this. Come payday I will be doing as much as I can, considering how much these people did for me and my spikey friend.

Here's a picture of my Hedgehog that I took before I realised there may be something wrong with him.

Thankyou for reading!

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