Thursday, 18 July 2013

What now?!

It's graduation week here at the University of Portsmouth!

Though I am not graduating this year, like I could have been (it's a WHOLE other story for another time!) I thought I'd touch on what is to come.

A lot of people have already decided what they'll be doing now they have completed 3 or 4 years of studying/drinking-excessively-until-they-have-only-5-brain-cells-left.
Some will be walking into their dream job and some will be going on to study Masters and PhDs. Then there are those who, like me, are not ENTIRELY sure what to do when they've completed their degree or are unable to find a job that they desperately want.

In the world's current situation it can be very hard to find a job. Even if you have a kick-ass Degree, Masters and PhD under your belt, you could still be working as a sale assistant waitress or bartender for quite a while waiting for the perfect job.

To those I say, SO WHAT?! life is for living. :)

However while you're living life, waiting for your dreams to come true, watch this video for some ideas as to what to do with your degree now you have it.

This video is hilarious but may be offensive for younger viewers so be aware!

Check out her other stuff and follow her on Twitter because, in my opinion, she is the funniest woman I have ever encountered.

Good luck to all those graduating, best luck for the future!
...and fingers crossed I'll be joining the alumni next year ;)

I'd leave you with a beaut but my eyeballs have been attacked by pollen... So best not!

(EDITED 19/07/13:
I forgot to mention that, of course, the majority of students do not conform to the stereotype set out by the minority.

Not all students drink their way through their degrees, and most try jolly hard to achieve their goals. If I offended anyone please accept my apology!

Congratulations to VBG, RG, TK, LP, MB and everyone else graduating this summer!!!)

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