Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pretty, cheap and glam.

I recently purchased a couple of Collection's Work the colour eye shadow pencils to try out.

They are described as a soft, blendable eye shadow with a waterproof formulation.

As they were on offer in my local Superdrug for £2.50 each, I thought they were a bloomin BARGAIN.
I bought the 4 colours that appealed to me most.

from left to right:
1. Vintage blush (3)
2. Hot chocolate (4)
3. Gunmetal glitz (2)
4. Midnight glam (5)
They go on very smooth and the pigmentation is super! Except, when I tried the Gunmetal Glitz, it was a little sheer and took some packing on for the colour to stay...
They blend well but once dry, they don't budge. I splashed water over my face and even rubbed it a  bit and there was no transfer; so these are ideal for summery pool times. They came off when using make up wipes but it took some effort.

Strangely I did see some fall down once the eyeshadows were dry, but it was bearable considering the price and the pigmentation.

Below are some examples on how I'd wear them.
This is Vintage Rose, applied all over the lid, with Hot Chocolate in the crease and blended to create an every day look.
just the shadows
finished look with liquid liner and mascara

Here I've used Gunmetal Glitz all over the lid with a gradient into the Midnight Glam shade; there's a little Vintage Rose in the tear duct to brighten the eye. This is more of an evening/clubbing look for me.

just the shadows

finished with thick liquid liner and mascara

So far I think these are brilliant and would highly recommend them, but be warned, too much tugging at your eyelids can be damaging, and can cause wrinkles! So if you have sensitive eyes I would say be careful if you use these.

I'll leave you with these delights and wish you a good week!


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