Monday, 1 July 2013

My Addiction

Hello there!
My name is Becca, and I have an addiction.
My addiction is not one of the norms... I'm not an alcoholic, I don't do drugs and I'm too scared to gamble.
My addiction is one that is harmless in most ways but has started to become very expensive.
I'm addicted to makeup.
I can hear you thinking 'but isn't that the case with most girl's?' and you'd be right to an extent. I don't know of many women who don't wear a little mascara day to day, some lipgloss when they want to be a little glamorous, and some concealer after a heavy night out.

My makeup collection however is getting a little ridiculous.

Everyday, this helps me get from...

this (god damn i'm sexy!) ...
to this... which is a little more people friendly in my opinion.
As a student I look forward to loan day. Getting that lump sum of money into my account just when I need it.. there's no feeling like it! I pretty much cover bills and living costs with my bar job, so loan money is like a soft cushion of money for me to spend as I wish. It often goes on things to do, stuff I need/want and a lot of it goes on new beauty products.

I love me some Benefit. I will be forever in love with their 'They're Real' mascara. It makes my eyelashes look long and voluminous and I'm quite happy to spend the £19.50 to have it in my life.
For a long time Benefit was my go to brand; foundation, blusher, sets, scents, eyeshadows, skin care. I would visit the counter in my local Debenhams once in a while and try out the new products; I'd come away £50 poorer, but happy.
the bits I had to hand when writing this blog. (the blusher is coralista)
Recently I have fallen in love with Urban Decay. After discovering an array of beauty bloggers on YouTube, I decided that I must have the 'Naked 2' palette, to use in my every day looks. This then lead to me buying accompanying face primer, eye primer, foundation, bb cream, a contour/highlight/blush palette, and their famous 24/7 eyeliners. When totalling the cost of this up, just now, I found that I had indeed spent £177 on these products.
my Urban Decay starter kit.
It's a problem I know.
As a recovering nail biter, I found a love for nail varnishes that I had never experienced before. My nail polish collection increased in size every time I left the house. With a new colour or brand entering my home every time I returned. I have now relapsed, so I have no use for the litres and litres of colour I have purchased. These polishes ranged from a couple of pounds to over £10 each and I don't even know where most of them are. (if you've been in my flat, you would understand why!)
the ones that I could find in my draw... there are many, many more dotted around.
I know I'm not alone in my addiction, I'm subscribed to many beauty bloggers on YouTube and they're all as bad if not worse than me! But at least a lot of the products they obtain are free!
I would've loved to become a makeup artist or create my own line, but this is unlikely to ever happen!
Instead perhaps I could offer you a makeover? Or perhaps a fresh lick of paint on those talons?
Thanks for reading

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