Tuesday, 30 July 2013

my abseil.

Apologies for my lack of blogging since before my abseil.

Firstly, it was graduation at the university of Portsmouth, so my workplace was heaving, I did a lot of hours and that was SUPER stressful.

Secondly, I had an essay due in Friday (26th) which I had to pass or I can't go into my 3rd year at Uni.. Again SUPER stressful and time consuming too!!

And lastly, this weekend I went away for my cousin's wedding. It was so so lovely to see the famalam and relax for a while after all the stress of the last few weeks.

That brings me onto what I want to write about!
My abseil.
If you haven't already heard, I abseiled (or fell with a rope) 100m down Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth in aid of JDRF, a diabetes research charity.

After waking up at 7am, rushing around to get ready, waking the boyfriend up, having a paddy about something or other and pulling the flat apart looking for my trainers (which I still can't find...) I arrived at the base of Spinnaker tower at 8.10am, 10 minutes after I was MEANT to. oops?

I was given my JDRF t-shirt and allowed to change into my rather 'lovely' outfit; I was told by my Aunt that I had to wear something bright so that they would know it was me going down the tower.

YOLO socks... For H
Being the second group to head up the tower, my cousin, P, and I didn't have to wait long until we made our way up in the lift to the first viewing platform of the Spinnaker tower. My boyfriend came up with us so that he could try and snap some pictures as we headed down; it didn't work out too well... but never mind!

There's a glass floor in the viewing platform and P psyched himself out for the abseil by laying on it, face down. Nutter!

We got into our gear (I had the 'small' gloves for my teeny, tiny, T-Bex hands) and then we just waited for our turn.

I insisted I went first because at that point I was a little freaked out and just wanted to get it done with.

The platform we were heading out on was no more than 2sqf and there were 2 fully grown men on it attached with the smallest ropes.
My instructor told me to put my left foot, then my right foot over the edge. Then asked me to sit down.

I thought to myself 'SIT down?! on thin AIR? madness.'

But I did and there I was just floating in mid air. (My palms are sweating again just writing this!)

He told me to hold the rope with my right hand, on my right hip and to grip when I wanted to stop and loosen when I wanted to drop. My left hand was just placed on the metal in front of my face.

Once I got over my initial breathlessness at being so high, dangling from a rope, I breezed down, I got quite confident!

Then my arm started to ache from holding so tightly to the rope.
But this was ok because I figured I couldn't be too far from the ground by now! I seemed to just be shooting down.

I looked around. I was only about half way down.

I'm the blob about half way down!
Panic set in. I was certain I was going to fall if I couldn't hold on to the rope.

I came away from the wall, spun and hit my shoulder on the tower. Bouncing off I then hit myself against a column that ran all the way up the side of the tower. Tears were gathering in my eyes.

I took a moment and just breathed. I knew that the only way I was going to stay safe was by just getting a hold of myself and getting to the ground.

So off I went again, letting the adrenaline guide me down and keep me safe. Everything was heightened, which is why when I heard ' H will be proud of you boo!' from my Aunt on the ground I burst into tears.
getting close!!

In fact it's making me emotional even now, a week on, while just WRITING about it.

I reached the ground and I have never been so relieved in my life so far!

I booed like a baby while the man on the ground was wiping away my tears. He was telling me that it was just the adrenaline and I just needed a moment to catch my breath.

But it wasn't, it was the realisation that I had just survived an abseil 100m down a building after 6 months of preparation and support from friends, family and complete strangers.
It was that I was able to raise over £1000 for JDRF and it was because I knew that H would be so so proud of me.

Thank you all so much for the love and support myself and my cousin P have received over the last 6months, thankyou to JDRF for making this abseil possible,

and thankyou H, I love you so much <3

What a soppy cow I am hey?
love and cuddles

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