Friday, 5 July 2013

I'm a very naughty girl...

uh oh! I bought some more makeup.

Payday has arrived and my drug of choice strokes again as I buy yet another Benefit item.

This time I have invested my hard earned £££s in The Bronze of Champions. It's getting warmer and although I do not yet possess a tan, I love my makeup looking bronzed and summery!

I first went to the counter to try out the new products Stay Flawless and Fake up, but came away with this beaut for £26.50 instead.
I recommend a kit like this for anyone who is a Benefit virgin, or doesn't want to spend so much on individual products; they do so many variations.
All the products contained are ones that I will or do use.
For example, I now have a miniature of the best mascara I have ever used, They're Real, which will come in useful for travel, or for just keeping in my handbag for emergency lash situations.

Shown in order:
1. Ultra plush Hoola lipgloss
2. Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Bikini-tini
3. Longwear Eyeshadow in Thanks a latte
4. Hoola bronzer
5. Watt's up highlighter
The shadows included are bronzey-goldy goodness. The lighter shade is a creaseless cream shadow named Bikini-tini and is a perfect base for the lid. This works perfectly on it's own or with the longwear powder shadow named Thanks a latte which would work best in the crease. Both priced at £15.50 for full sized products, but the size in this set is more than enough for a good long time.
I have always wanted to own Hoola, a matt brown bronzer/contour, but could never justify spending the £23.50 for something I may or may not use. Now that I have this miniature I can decide for myself whether or not I deem it full-price-worthy. The set also came with Ultra Plush Hoola lipgloss, and what girl can never have enough lip gloss?! It's got a beautifully subtle pink/purple shimmer in it, but is essentially a nude coloured gloss. This is priced at £14.50 for the full sized product, but the size you receive in this set is big enough to last quite a while.

Finally included is Watt's up a subtle highlighter that works best below the brow, to lift and brighten, making your eyes seem wider. It can also be used along the cheek bones and down the nose to bring these points forward, elongating your face. Obviously thanks to my big round face, this will be perfect for me! Priced at £24.50 for the full size.

I tried it all out and it looks brilliant, but my photos didn't do it justice because my camera is rubbish... So instead I leave you with this delight and wish you a happy weekend :)


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