Monday, 10 June 2013

Hello There!

Well hello, and welcome to my blog on life!
Not quite sure where this blog will head.. but lets wait and see shall we?

10 facts about me:
(lets get the boring stuff outa the way, get to know me a little!)

1. My name is Becca.

2. I am 21 years young and my birthday is in February.

3. I have a grand total of 4 sisters, all of which are younger than me.

4. I'm currently studying full time at the University of Portsmouth.

5. I work full time as a bartender.

*insert questions on how I can possibly do both here*... believe me it's tough!

6. When I was younger I did Irish dancing (like that Michael Flatley bloke). I was pretty good at it-lots of medals and trophies came my way.

7. On the day I turned 16 I travelled to new York with my Grampy and Cousin. I had ice cream cake, which had my FACE on it, and met lots of lovely people. It was amazing!

8. I have tiiiiny hands and size 4 feet; because of this people have taken to calling me T-Bex.

9. I have never learnt to drive. on the one occasion I was allowed to drive (around my friend's farm), we almost ended up in a bush... oops?

10. I am the CLUMSIEST person you will ever know... like EVER. Fullstop.

Hopefully you have read to the end!

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