Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Training Day 42!

Hello reader!

It is day 42, of my Tough Mudder training. Read my last training post here.

Over the past few weeks I have struggled to get into a fitness routine that will not result in my death mid-august. I've had a couple of weeks where I haven't tried as hard as I should, and a couple of weeks where I've tried too hard. I think I'm finally getting to a point where I know my limits and I like to push myself just that little bit further each time.

So, what do I actually do?

To start with I do 40 minutes, or more, of cardio, this could be just one or a mixture of running, cross training, rowing or cycling. The Tough Mudder course is 12 miles long, so I'm hoping to get to a point before the event where I'm able to run comfortably for 12 miles. This may be a long shot, but I have 6 months to make it happen! Currently I'm able to run (on a treadmill) for 2 miles in 20 minutes, and not feel like I'm going to pass out! Treadmill running is, in my opinion, a lot easier than road running and cross country running, but its a start.

After that I have a toning/strengthening routine set out by my fiend NG, who is a fitness nut! This girl is bonkers about exercise and I love it because she motivates me to do better!
The routine starts with various stomach crunches, follows with a variety of squats and ends with a gym ball... I have to do it twice, but I haven't quite got there yet! once I'm used to those I'll edge some arm strengthening stuff in there too! I've said before that strength is my down fall, but after just 2/3 weeks of doing it about 3/4 times a week I'm already finding them much easier to do; soon i'll be doing it 2 or 3 times over!!
BUT, just exercising isn't enough!!

So, what do I eat?

To start with I ate whatever I wanted, so long as I kept to the calorie intake, set in place by the 'My Fitness Pal' app on my iPhone; this meant I would starve myself all day and then binge and eat all my calories in one meal. Not the healthiest way to eat.
Then I started being so strict with myself, I would refuse to eat things because they weren't healthy enough!
I've now reached an equilibrium where I don't even really use the app, I know when I've had enough and I automatically reach for the healthier foods.

The results?

I'm already a stone lighter than I was at Christmas! I can't notice it just yet, but you're always your own worst critic.
I feel fitter, people have noticed it, and I like being healthier!
Also I tried a size smaller in some jeans the other day and I'm only an inch from them fitting perfectly!!

However lets not forget why I'm changing my life!

TOUGH MUDDER! click the link to see their website.

Myself and a team of wonderful, caring and crazy individuals are risking our lives to raise money for Brain Injury Group is BIG. If you would like to join us in our quest and not get electrocuted, feel free to go to our fundraising page to donate!

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate your support!
my "I'm making progress, Russell Brand is on my boobs, procrastinating writing my dissertation" selfie!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Training day 2!

It's been a while since I last blogged... I have missed it!

When I first started my blog last year, I wrote about Tough Mudder; an assault course created by the forces to test your stamina, strength and camaraderie! You can read the post here and visit the Tough Mudder website here.
Well now the date is set and the training has most definitely begun! (for real this time...)

Truthfully, I am a big girl. At a UK size 18, I most certainly am no where near ready to take on a course like that, and survive! However with my goals set and a little will power, I know I can finish it.

shameless, changing room selfie.

As well as completing TM, I am looking at this as a way of getting myself into a healthier state. I consider myself a confident person however for a few months now I have seen myself and my body in a negative light; instead of doing something about it I have pushed it from my mind and pretended that I was fine, when I'm not.
I know it seems shallow, but I want to look as good as my friends, wear what I like instead of covering up or accommodating for my lumps and bumps, and I want to be able to look in the mirror and say "I look good!".

With my Tough Mudder training and some better dietary choices, I can get the body I desire!
Don't go thinking I'm going to be silly about it, I'm a sensible girl (mostly). I will most definitely not be starving myself or over working myself; slow and steady wins the race! Mostly I just want to increase my stamina and fitness for the TM course, and in turn the inches will drop off!

So! Training schedule!
TM has a training schedule you can follow on their site (click here). I am definitely a 'Muddlering', of which the definition is 'works out 1-3 days a week'.
Lets be honest, that doesn't happen.
However its the lowest training schedule they offer, so I'll go with that! It's a 40 minute circuit-like plan, including a warm up and cool down, consisting of both strength and stamina exercises.
I've realised I actually have a reasonable amount of stamina, I could jog for miles!
Strength however? pahahaha! I died doing one push-up...!

Today is day 2 of my training, and I can see the effects already.
Please don't judge the following:
Yesterday, training day 1 (21/1) I only managed to get 11 minutes through the plan before I just couldn't do anymore; the strength parts are a complete fail for me! However today, I made it 5 minutes longer!
I know you're probably sitting there thinking to yourself, "Wow this girl is unfit." and you'd be hitting the nail on the head there, but these little wins are what will get me through it.

I am eating much better. I've been using the 'Change4life' app on my phone, it has all sorts of simple and tasty recipes on there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You're also able to plan meals and create a shopping list on the app, which is really useful!

Change 4 Life

Apart from getting healthier, the  main reason I'm doing TM is to raise money for a charity called 'Brain injury group is BIG' (learn more about the charity). A team of us will be attempting the course on the 17th August this year. We are paying for our place from our own pockets and all the money we raise will be going straight to the charity; who support families who are dealing with a loved one that has brain damage.
We are doing it in my cousin, Helen's, name. You can read our reasons here, a post I wrote September '13. Then visit my aunt Annette's blog, Helen's Hope, for regular updates and more information about Helen.

Helen and I.

Please be kind and sponsor us on our fundraising page.
We aim to raise more than £1000 but only with the help of others!

Thankyou for taking the time to read, and please wish us luck!
Regular updates will be available, so add my blog to your reading lists, follow me via email and on Bloglovin!

'just did some training, got tired so now I'm blogging' selfie.

love and cuddles